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Where can my boss find Capital-V value in ElevateCX?

Let’s see: 200 customer experience leaders together in one room for two full days of education, community, and perfectly planned events. Takeaways that empower and train you to be a better #CX leader without making big, costly mistakes. Cha-ching!

Everyone knows that ElevateCX is one of the best places to come and talk shop with the other best support professionals in the biz. But, not every team is as fortunate as Trello and gets to bring everyone along for the fun. Because of that, it can sometimes be a bit of a sticky wicket convincing the people in charge that there is value in letting you and any of your team members go to a conference all about something which, historically, has been considered a cost center. If you don’t have an education budget and need to plead your case, it can be especially difficult to feel confident knowing what to say to drive the point home.

Here are a few points of capital-V value that you can take to the bank. Er, CFO. We mean CFO.

Be Amongst Your Peers

ElevateCX is the premier event for customer support and customer experience professionals. There’s more to customer support than just answering an email really fast, and ElevateCX is where people who take customer experience seriously can find deep, engaging education that they can use to train their teams. Our attendees are customer support agents, managers, team leads, and others who are on the front lines of customer experience each day.

Cultivate Your Network

Not only do we bring experts to the stage to teach and train, we’ve always focused on building a rewarding community for our attendees. Most of our audience has been to 3 or more of our events, and many past speakers return again as attendees and develop lasting relationships. We carefully plan a lot of social time so you can meet speakers, network a bit, or go take a nap without missing a good talk. (We’ve thought about everything!)

Learn From Someone Else’s Mistakes

Mistakes are expensive and painful to make, especially if you are a small company without a defined budget to send your team to conferences. Take a look at this post from Zapier’s Micah Bennet from one of the original Elevates (nee UserConf) describing the different learnings he took home if you need some evidence.

Rather than struggle through on your own, Elevate gives you the chance to talk to other people about what you’re going through and get their opinions, get ideas for strategies that you might be able to try now or in the future after growth, and understand how to scale your current processes so they continue to work.

Find Your Next Mentor

The best part about developing a robust group of peers, mentors, and friends is that you almost always have someone to go to when you need to talk even beyond the conference. You’ll leave with a support system of support buddies that you’ll be able to leverage in the future. Most of our audience has been to 3 or more of our events, and many past speakers return again as attendees and develop lasting relationships. We carefully plan a lot of social time so you can meet speakers, network a bit, and have deep conversations with people who can help you make better decisions for your entire team.

What to expect at ElevateCX

We started hosting Elevate events in 2012 to meet the immediate need for education and career development for customer support teams. Since then, we’ve produced 22 events in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, London, Portland, Philadelphia, and Palm Springs, CA. We’ve showcased over 250 speakers on stage from companies like Google, Atlassian, Etsy, Medium, and Buzzfeed, as well as smaller software companies and universities.

Actionable Advice

Talks are curated to bring actionable takeaways for every attendee, no matter their job title. Most attendees are on the front lines of customer support, as support agents, managers or team leads. We choose talks that will help current leaders and raise up new leaders through actionable education.  learn more

Intimate Audience

We keep our events small so we can build a lasting community for outreach and networking. After experimenting with audience size up to 650 people, we’ve found our speakers and attendees get the most out of smaller events. Only 150 seats are sold for each event, and we program a good amount of social time into the schedule.

Short & Sweet Talks

All talks are TED-style, 15 minutes or less. We don’t waste time on panels or Q&A, but all speakers are available for direct conversations in our private attendee Slack channel.

Thoughtful Sponsors

We’re picky about who we choose to partner with, and make sure they all create useful tools for support teams. We create long-lasting relationships with our sponsors so we can vouch for each and every one of them.  learn more

Retreat & Revive & Refresh

When you’re given autonomy and feel appreciated by your company, you are proven to be happier and have much more loyalty to your company. That is music to your decision maker’s ears. Once you’ve got their attention, you should be sure to tell them that one of the best ways to show appreciation to your employers is through adequate time off and the opportunity for personal development.

Studies show that if employees were given the opportunity to relax a bit more and take a bit of space away from their regular jobs, they’re happier, more productive, and actually get more done upon returning to their job.

Sarah says “RELAX”

ElevateCX offers yoga, retreat-style getaways, optional group meditation, and coordinated happy hours to make sure that customer experience and support professionals get an almost vacation-like experience outside of the hours of talks and networking. With an 70% return rate for each event, it sometimes feels like summer camp for CX leaders.

There’s double-duty mullet business being done here: business in the front, party (and yoga!) in the back. And Sarah’s a mullet specialist, so you better believe it’s a great one.

You’re In Good Company

Most of our attendees have attended 3 or more Elevate events in the past 5 years. We have a 65% company return rate and an 80% attendee return rate each year!

“Elevate is by far the best and most actionable support conference you’ll go to.”

Michael Labrecque-Jessen

“From the opportunity to network with a phenomenal community to learning how to be more effective as a team, each part of the conference provided the fuel needed to be better in my role.”

Celina Zamora-Torres

“Elevate was truly one of the best conferences I have ever attended. Each talk was more beneficial than the next, and was inspiring to companies from big to small.”

Alexandra Sofen

“Elevate continues to be the only conference that’s worth my support team’s precious time. The topics covered by the speakers have served as my roadmap for how to scale support during periods of rapid growth for our company.”

Max Swagler

“A fantastic conference for anyone who works with customers. Each time, I leave feeling inspired and excited about my job.”

Whitney Puidokas,
lose it!

“Blown away by the quality of the speakers, event, food, setting — everything! Just the perfect scale to keep things intimate and fun!”

Colin Wilkinson

Meet Our Sponsors

Our events are generously supported by close sponsorships with amazing companies. We are very picky about who we choose to partner with, so if you’re interested in sponsoring please get in touch.

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