Join us for Cost Per Conversation Masterclass with Sarah Hatter &
Stefan Pintaric!

March 18, 2021 @ 4pm PST

Stefan Pintaric

tefan has been a part of the ElevateCX community since 2015. Since then he’s helped take small teams to scale while at Format, and he's now Manager of Customer Experience at BioRender. His passion for CX is focused around operations and driving value from the function, and ensuring that CX doesn’t become a second-class citizen at any of the companies he’s worked with.

Sarah Hatter

Sarah started the ElevateCX Community way back in 2012, to provide education, networking, and career development for her fellow customer experience enthusiasts. She is the founder and CEO of CoSupport, a customer experience consulting agency, and currently has an $16 million Bell valuation in Animal Crossing.

Customer Support is not a cost center! But how do you convince your boss?

This 90-minute workshop will help you understand Cost Per Conversation, and leave you feeling confident understanding the business side of CX. 
Tune in for a discussion about how to forecast for all costs while you grow and scale your #CX team. You’ll walk away with clear understanding of ticket costing as well as how to budget for tools, expendables, and future staffing.