We’ve taken our iconic in-person event and created a membership-based community.

Officially launching September 2020 

The brand new Elevate Members Community is a space for Customer Experience professionals and emerging leaders to grow in their career through targeted masterclasses, trainings, courses, mentorship, and original digital content. We’ll be producing AMA sessions with CX leaders, and as soon as we can, we hope to start hosting intimate IRL meetups across the world in addition to our large twice-yearly events. As a Founding Member, you’ll be extended a special discounted rate for 365 days that includes access to all our writing, meetups, and private discussion forums, as well as a discount on your next ElevateCX event ticket.

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Get Ready To Learn From These Glorious Humans

We need to thank these friends of Elevate for helping us get to this place – we couldn’t do this without them all. You can look forward to their masterclasses, AMA’s, original writing, and podcasts that include these glorious humans, who have generously devoted their time, insight, and energy to helping launch the ElevateCX membership community!

Mercer Smith

VP of CX at AppCues

Mercer has done it all in the CS and CX world, and she has lived to tell so, so many tales. She’s worked at some of the most beloved companies like Apple, Help Scout, Trello, and now she’s leading the team at Appcues as their VP of CX. She can teach you about scaling teams, distributed growth, KPI’s and MMR’s, and help you with yoga while you learn to lead effective 1-On-1s!

Monte Williams

VP of Client Services at TaskUs

Monte is a gem. That’s actually what anyone who’s ever met him will tell you. Generous with his warmth, wisdom, and mentorship, Monte has gone all in with the ElevateCX community to help grow emerging leaders in their careers. You’ll never feel more encouraged, more seen, or more motivated after a single chat with Monte!

Ryan Klausner

Head of Customer Operations at Orion Labs

Ryan’s varied career has brought him from consulting to the public sector to now leading a team at the enterprise level. His empathy and genuine interest in humans makes him an ideal leader, and we are excited about what you’ll learn from him!

Josh Ramsey

Customer Experience Guru  & Consultant

Josh has led global CX teams at Capital One and Hilton, but we are the most interested in his ability to soothe the room with his meditative presence on stage. He has so much insight in to the business and operations side of CX that is often unreachable to teams outside of the boardroom. You’re going to learn so much from him!

Val Liberty

Head Chef at Balsamiq

Yes, that’s her real name! No, she’s not really a chef at a technology company. She is, however, highly skilled at the mise en place of customer experience, having been around the block with legacy software companies for over 20 years. You’ll be captivated by Val’s energy and storytelling, and surprised how much you’ll learn from her in a short amount of time. Plus, she has recipes!

Jordan Pedraza

Director of Support at Handshake

Jordan is a self-proclaimed CX nerd, and we couldn’t love her more for it. She brings a relentless drive for wisdom sharing to the table, coupled with a strong desire to build leaders through mentorship and community. Ask her about her cool CX cost projection analytics spreadsheets someday 😉

Brooke Wayne

CX Communications at FreshBooks

Brooke spoke at our Elevate Austin event and blew the roof off the place. She brings funny, practical insight to some of the most basic CX processes, like language training and knowledge base maintenance. We love learning from her, and know you’ll be inspired by her wit, her experience, and her perfectly chosen GIFs.

Ben McCormack

Support Engineering at Full Story

You know this guy. He’s been a staple of CX communities for years. And he’s always eager to teach everything he’s learned, whether it’s experimenting with KPI models or language training or the psychological effects of clearing the queue. Ben is, dare we say, the legend you’ve been waiting for.

Mo McKibbon

Mo McKibbon

A veteran ElevateCX speaker, Mo has developed her CX ethos around the idea of support being the center of a company’s long term growth. She also consults teams on support driven grown strategies, developed her own board game, and also does a mean karaoke. Who says you can’t do it all?

Michael Labrecque-Jessen

Support Engineer at Trello/Atlassian

Michael has graced the Elevate stage four times, and if there was a trophy for it, we’d present it to him. Since there’s not a trophy, we can only laud his expertise in empathy coaching, diffusing difficult customer interactions, boundary setting, and escalations training. Great job, Mike!

Mathew Patterson

Customer Evangelist at Help Scout

Mat is actually the reason Elevate exists, he’s our own Elevate emeritus if you will, and that is a story Sarah has been telling since 2012 that you can ask him about later. Mat is the embodiment of a true leader and mentor, and he’s done so much to bring investing in customer experience process to the forefront of the startup mentality. Also: Coolest accent.

Sarah Hatter

Founder of ElevateCX & CoSupport

Oh yeah, we should mention Sarah! ElevateCX is produced and curated by Sarah Hatter, founder of CoSupport and author of The Customer Support Handbook. A maven of customer support and success, Sarah’s passion is curating the ElevateCX community to provide leadership opportunities, career growth, and mentorship through events and original media. You can hire her to speak, teach, or consult with your team about CX, team culture, or Lord of the Rings.

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