Join us for an AMA with Sarah Hatter &
Brian Sze, CEO of Assembled!

Wednesday, Sept 23, 2020 @ 12pm PST

Brian Sze

Brian is the CEO and cofounder of Assembled. After working on internal tools for Stripe’s support team, he decided to build tools that modern support teams would love using, starting with workforce management. Before working on internal tools, he led Stripe’s growth team and scaled it from 30 to 500. He loves all things music, travel and Warriors (pre-bandwagon)”.

Sarah Hatter

Sarah started the ElevateCX Community way back in 2012, to provide education, networking, and career development for her fellow customer experience enthusiasts. She is the founder and CEO of CoSupport, a customer experience consulting agency, and currently has an $11 million Bell valuation in Animal Crossing.

Tune in for a discussion about growing and scaling your #CX team, what trends and tools you can start using, and what it’s like to build a startup for CX teams.

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