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September 29 & 30, 2022.

Well boy howdy, live events are back!!

Our next event is scheduled for September 29 & 30, 2022 in Denver, Co.

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Every member of our wonderful CX community of leaders now has access to recreate ElevateCX events online. But it’s just Slack, tbh. We use this channel to announce masterclasses for career development, AMA’s with CX leaders, original writing, and so much more. 

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Along with our partners at Assembled, we’re interviewing some of our favorite CX leaders from the Elevate community and asking them about managing CX teams during these strange new times. From having effective and emotional 1-on-1’s, to leaning on your life experience to inform how you manage people,

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ElevateCX is produced and curated by Sarah Hatter, founder of CoSupport and author of The Customer Support Handbook. A maven of customer support  and success, Sarah’s passion is curating the ElevateCX community to provide leadership opportunities, career growth, and mentorship through events and original media. You can hire her to speak, teach, or consult with your team about CX, team culture, or Lord of the Rings.

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