Speaker Topics for San Diego 2023

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Tue Søttrup,
VP CX Excellence

Is NRR the top metric to prove value in a market downturn?

As the pressure on the economy continues to build, customer experiences are more varied than they’ve ever been. 74% of customers would switch to a competing brand or company if they found out they provided better CX Organizational focus has shifted from growing Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) to growing Net Revenue Retention (NRR). With retaining existing customers being 6-7 times more cost-effective than acquiring new customers – proving the value of your department has never been more crucial.

Andrew Rios, CX Coach & Cosultant

The Support Leader Compass

Andrew will go over his iconic list of pro tips for all CX and support leaders – no matter what level of experience. If you keep building and circling back to these items you’ll be ok…. More than ok. His talk will explore a handful of concepts that, when applied to your support leader playbook, will result in helping keep your support leadership Real and North.

Matt Dale

Doing More With Less: Guiding Your Team through Tough Times and Reduced Budgets

With the current state of the economy, we’re in for lean times. In this talk, I’ll share the tools I learned guiding my team through similar challenging times. I’ll talk about the importance of understanding the “why” behind company budget reductions, how to focus on and get buy-in for what you can actually deliver with a smaller budget, how to effectively use what you have, and how to communicate with company leadership and with your team to keep everyone moving in sync.

Nae Morris, Head of Support

Getting the Most Out of Your Employees

Come learn how to maximize the production yield on your ticket farm! Our workers have got to be faster, better, and stronger than ChatGPT! Errr… wait… this doesn’t feel right. Your employees are people, and individuals at that! They are not robots or machines and we can unlock so much more for our teams when we expect less perfection and treat them like the professional knowledge workers they are.

Kat Gaines, Dev Ops Advocate

Best Practices For Customer Communications During Incident Response

When launching new products or dealing with an outage, your Support team will see terms thrown around internally that would sound a little alien if a customer were to encounter them. If sci-fi has taught us anything, it’s that communication including good translation will go a long way to brokering peace between worlds. If you put your Support team in charge of the ship when it comes to comms, they’ll advocate for your users and help others remember that they’re speaking to humans at the end of the day.

Erica Clayton, VP Artist Support & Operations

Try, Try Again

This talk will teach you how to achieve big goals by taking small, measurable steps, using the DMAIC roadmap to help you get there! As a Six Sigma belt holder, I get really excited about operational efficiency, but it can be an intimidating concept for newer leaders. In my experience, there’s an appetite to try and solve a complicated problem in one fell swoop but the reality is that most problems can be broken up into smaller, addressable issues, with measurable performance changes along the way.

Mario Guisado, Dir. of Customer Support

Michael Labrecque-Jessen, Sennior Support Engineer

Establishing Boundaries as an Emotional Support Professional

Are you a people-pleaser? Of course you are—you work in Support, you love solving problems, and making people happy. At the same time, it’s an emotionally draining job and in a cruel twist of fate, if you’re too good at it you’ll do more harm to you own emotional well-being. In order to protect your own health, mental wellbeing, and your team, learn to operate in a way so you can work to live, not live to work.

Jessica Yoo, Senior Support Manager

Disability, Accessibility, Adaptability

This talk will be about why companies shouldn’t shy away from hiring people with disabilities – in fact, they should lean into it. I plan to discuss the characteristics that many disabled people share due to their lived experiences, such as problem solving skills and adaptability. These skills are often what we’re looking for when hiring in customer-facing roles. I will also discuss resources that can help managers and companies learn more about hiring people with disabilities. This includes navigating reasonable accommodations and workplace accessibility.

Nicholas Zeisler, Fractional Chief Customer Officer

Is It Time To Kill VOC?

Heidi Craun, VP of CX

Are you there, CX? It’s me, Trauma: Being Mindful of the Cost of Caring

Heidi reflects on almost 20 years in the CX industry to analyze what we as leaders need to be successful, and this isn’t about KPI’s or managing skills. This talk will cover mental health struggles of people on the front lines of support, and how CX leaders can create an environment that acknowledges burnout, nurtures growth, and ulmiately prevents employee churn.

Mercer Smith, VP of CX Insights