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for customer experience leaders

October 18 & 19 in Austin, TX

Managing, Firing & How You Can Do Better

When we think of firing, we usually think about it being the employee’s fault…right? Well, most of the time the fault actually lies on us, the managers. Mercer talks about a few things that you can do to catch people that may become firees and stop it before it even starts.

Mercer Smith
Head of Support

Getting More from Conversational Tagging

Tagging customer conversations can be a deceptively tricky issue for support teams to tackle. I will first be covering the tagging nomenclature our support team has adopted and the specific tags we leverage for our conversations. Next, I’ll discuss the change management aspect of implementing a tagging system and how we developed a system to ensure 100% of conversations were tagged. Lastly, I’ll discuss how a robust tagging system can and should be feeding the metrics your support team reports.

Shaun VanWeelden Senior Manager, Success Engineering

Aligning with Revenue: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Get That Money

The path forward for small teams to demonstrate their impact on revenue is a minefield of picking the right metrics, getting buy-in from leadership and developing tactics which match the tone and personalities you already have in your CS/X org. This talk will focus on figuring out measurement methods when you don’t have a clear path to mimic from someone else – thinking backwards and doing the math to come up with numbers that will sway leadership. Further, I’ll outline the specific approaches: hacks like building a chrome extension to highlight traits of trial users who either need “a lot” or “next to no” effort to convert; and determining that 6 video calls per day with a 50% conversion rate was high enough to create a new, scalable channel which turned heads across the company. All that, while deepening the relationship our team members had with our customers and driving actionable insights for Product.

Stefan Pintaric 
Customer Experience Director

CS Lessons From HR

Imagine if you had two teams at your company who served similar functions but didn’t communicate with each other. You already do! Customer Experience (CX) and People Ops (HR) are training people, helping people level up, and resolving issues every day, but each in their own silo. What could we learn from each other, and how can we work together to improve both functions? This talk will help you get that conversation started at your company.

Yael McCue
Customer Success Manager

Avoiding Burnout in Customer Support

Switching up how you approach customer service can help avoid burnout. In this talk I’ll discuss burnout in support by explaining how I helped improve the quality of the content in our online forums by redesigning our support team’s approach to user’s questions. It outlines my struggle of changing the way our tech support team viewed our online forums, going from very straightforward Q&A to writing out thoughtful responses to questions. This resulted in answers to users questions being positive, descriptive, and linking to other content in the Help Center to increase traffic! Applying this method of transforming your mindset on support can help avoid burnout in all sorts of support mediums.

Megan Wright
Community Manager

Happiness as a Priority at Work

Happy employees are more productive, more engaged, think more creatively, are better problem solvers, and so much more. I’ve done my research and have data to back all this up, along with results from a few experiments I’ve done at Acuity.

Kendall Burke
Customer Happiness Manager

Type Talk at Work

How can personality typing help us understand ourselves and our co-workers? In this talk, we’ll dispel common myths about personality tests and how they can be thoughtfully applied to our work lives. Everyone’s different, but these shortcuts can help bring understanding and empathy to work.

Jon McCartie Senior Manager, Customer Success

Lessons Learned From Experiencing Rapid Growth

Ian Jordan 
Senior Support Manager

In this talk you’ll learn how to identify the best people to be a part of your team, the importance of providing the right opportunities for employees, and how you can drive improvements to customer satisfaction while experiencing rapid growth.

Say It With Swag: Language Tips for Stuffy People

We know we shouldn’t apologize for the inconvenience, or thank people for their “feedback”. But how many of us are still stuck using language with customers that is stuffy, impersonal, and faux-professional? Learn from the King of Cool how Shinesty embraces fun in all customer communications, and how you can start freshening up the words you use in yours.

Antonio King
Director of Experience


Creating Your Own Incident Communication Plan

Statuspage helps you communicate incidents and downtime to your customers, but tools are only one part of the equation. You also need the right people and processes in place. Throughout this 60-minute workshop you’ll create a documented incident communication plan to share (and continue building out) with other incident response teams at your company.

Shannon Winter
Product Marketing Manager

Jake Bartlett

Customer Success Manager


What constitutes an incident for your team


Idntify the proper incident communication channels


Document incident roles & responsibilities


thorough incident comms and templates to help get updates out quickly