The premier event
for customer experience leaders

October 18 & 19 in Austin, TX

ElevateCX Schedule

ElevateCX is a one-day, single track event, meaning talks take place in the same room throughout the whole day. We’re planning for a welcome happy hour on Thursday afternoon, an afternoon wine tasting event Friday, and a full day of optional social activities on Saturday. For your travel planning, here’s the schedule for you to plan around.

What should I expect during the weekend?

Since ElevateCX is a very unique event and not like the typical convention center/hotel ballroom industry conference, here’s a run down on what you can expect:

1. Well curated talks. All our talks are 20 minutes or less. Don’t worry – you’ll still get a lot of out each talk, but you won’t be falling asleep during them or forgetting why you’re there. All our speakers have worked hard to bring you concise, consumable information that’s relevant, inspiring, and actually implementable. (We’re pretty sure that’s a word.)

2. Intentional social time. The best part about Elevate is meeting awesome people doing a job just like yours and getting to pick their brain about their team, their processes, and even some of their roadblocks and failures. You’ll rarely get this kind of access to some of the companies that are attending, so we really make sure the time you get is well spent. That’s why we make sure everyone feels comfortable and welcome, and why we encourage our speakers to be present for conversations after their talks. You can join in small group activities like meditation and group workshops, or close down the place by being the last person to leave one of our happy hours. (Don’t worry – there’s always an after after party somewhere, just ask Rick from Guru!)

3. Friendship is the best ship. Networking is so 2004. We’re not going to put you in a room full of strangers with a flimsy sticker name tag on and make you tell someone your favorite animal that starts with the letter of your first name. Nor are we going to make you mingle with people you’ve never met in a big hotel ballroom while weird EDM music plays and there’s a sad buffet in the corner. Can you tell we thought about this a bit? We promise you’ll come out of Elevate with true, sustainable relationships with people you can learn from long term, you won’t just be exchanging business cards.

How long should my talk be?

All ElevateCX talks are around 15-20 minutes in length, and we cram a lot of them over two days. You’ll hear from support team leaders, product managers, and veteran support agents. Our talks are curated to be entertaining and instructive and to keep the audience’s focus throughout.

What about my slides?

Your slides need to be in Keynote WIDE FORMAT. Because of the size of the room we’re in, and the size of the hanging screen, your slides do need to be in Keynote WIDE FORMAT in order to look good. Keep in mind the room is very big and full of natural light, so your Keynote WIDE FORMAT slides will look better with white text on dark background.

As you can see in this image of the actual room you’ll be in, slides with white background does nothing for your jam. Dark background is going to really make your words pop.

If you’re wondering if you can send your slides in PDF or Google Slide format or PowerPoint, I’d like to point you to the above red text…

Will you be recording my talk?

Yes! We will be recording this! And before you ask, NO! Your talk will not be available the moment you get off stage, or the next day, or probably the next 100 days.Video editing is extremely expensive and time consuming, so if you really want to watch your performance or share it with people right after the event, please use the live stream video file. (We’ll upload them all to dropbox for speakers.)

Who goes to ElevateCX? Who will I meet?

ElevateCX is primarily for people who work in customer support, customer experience, knowledge management, and QA. Everyone in our audience is on the front line of support in some capacity. You’ll meet people who’ve been doing support for a web-based company for less than a year, and folks who’ve run support teams at major legacy brands for 10+ years. The audience size ranges from 200-250 each event, and the company size of attendees ranges from startups to emerging tech companies and large legacy brands.

ElevateCX attendees are mostly at manager or leadership level in their careers. Common titles are Customer Support Managers, Directors of CX, Heads of Support, Customer Advocates, and even QA and Documentation Specialists. You’ll be in good company all weekend!

What should I bring? What should I wear?

We cannot believe people ask us this question, but it always comes up. You should definitely wear clothes to ElevateCX. This is not a formal event. It’s not even something we’d consider classically “professional,” so it’s safe to leave the business costumes at home. Be comfy – you’re going to be absorbing a lot of information and you’ll want to feel relaxed and unconstricted! Hoodies are encouraged! Wear a shirt people will want to comment on and spark some conversation! Wax your handlebar mustache with chalk! Wear anything that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole three days.

You don’t need to bring anything special, unless you like taking notes or need to work on your computer. You’ll have plenty of time to check emails and Slack during the event, but we’d love it if you focused on being present as much as possible!

Will there be vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free/sugar-free/pescatarian/unicorn food options?

We do our best to provide vegan options for meals, but if you have a very specific dietary need please get in touch in advance so we can try to accommodate that need.

Will the speakers curse? Will alcohol be served?

Probably. Yes.